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Health Insurance Comparison is a comparison business focused on all things relevant to Australian Health Insurance. 

The vision of Health Insurance Comparison is to deliver reliable, relevant and up-to-date information in a vibrant and positive manner for our audience. We aim to provide one source of information that readers can turn to and learn about private health insurance that they would not otherwise have access to.

The majority of the content on our website is written by Health Insurance Comparison staff and editorial contributors but we welcome editorial submissions. Due to the high volume of emails expressing interest in writing for Health Insurance Comparison received, we may not be able to respond unless we are planning to publish your article.

To be considered for publication on Health Insurance Comparison, your article needs to fit the style and aim of our guides section of the website. To maintain the integrity of the website, we do not publish advertorial. All submissions are subject to editorial review and final approval and Health Insurance Comparison reserves the right to edit content prior to publication.

We will publish your article with a short bio including your name, your business name (if applicable) and contact information (email / website). Please find an example here.  


Have you got a wonderful idea for a story for Health Insurance Comparison? We would love to hear from you. Please send your pitch to leigh@healthinsurancecomparison.com.au with ‘pitch’ in the subject box. We will respond to your pitch within two weeks.

Let us know what your background is and what your guest post would be about and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to give you the go-ahead (we’d hate for you to spend time writing something we have already got hidden somewhere on the site).

Please note: We do not accept guest posts that are advertising a product or service, or are sponsored in any way. 


Do you work in the medical or health professions (such as dental, physio, cosmetic surgery etc) and would like to share your expert knowledge and experience with our readers?

We are always looking for expert contributors to contribute guides or articles on specific subjects. All articles published will include your name, business name (if applicable) and contact information (email / website)

We only publish original content within Health Insurance Comparison and we retain sole publishing rights of the article once it has been accepted for publication. Please let us know if you are submitting your article elsewhere when contacting us.

Health Insurance Comparison reserves the right to edit content to meet our style guidelines. Your article may be edited for clarity, grammar, and overall style. If there are any major changes made, you will be asked to review and approve them prior to publication.

If you are interested in being a part of our stable of regular contributors, please email leigh@healthinsurancecomparison.com.au with ‘expert contributor’ in the subject line.

Content guidelines

  • Length of the guest post is a minimum of 500 words. (but the more the better!)
  • Only original posts will be accepted. If your post has featured anywhere else online or in print, then we require it to be re-written.
  • Unless agreed to in writing by Health Insurance Comparison, you may not publish your guest post on your own website or blog. You are, however, 100% welcome to post links of your published article on your blog, website or social media!
  • We reserve the right to edit your post including adding internal links. 
  • In the case that we need to edit substantially, we will email the revised post to you for approval prior to publishing. An introduction may be added to provide context. A conclusion may also be added to tie your article to existing content on the Health Insurance Comparison website.

Potential topic Ideas or areas of interest:

We are generally open to anything relating to health issues impacting everyday Australians but would prefer guides which relate to private health insurance:

  • Australian private health insurance industry insights
  • Common treatments that might need health cover e.g. braces, orthodontics, wisdom teeth for dental clinics
  • Private health extras that people may not know that they can claim for e.g. remedial massage, sleep apnea, breast reductions, bariatric surgery
  • Leading causes of health problems e.g. diabetes, dementia, obesity, heart disease
  • Specific groups in the community that may need health insurance e.g. migrants, international students, bridging visas

Image Guidelines

We will provide an image for your article.

Please allow up to 14 days for us to respond.

In the case that we are unable to publish your guest post, you are free to publish it elsewhere.

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