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Guest Post – Self Care for Mums – Why a Little But Often Makes the Greatest Difference

This is a guest post from Linda at Mums on the Go.


Self Care for Mums – Why a Little But Often Makes the Greatest Difference

Making time to care for your own needs as a mother can be very challenging. By the time you have met the needs of children, husband, work, household, extended family, school etc, there seems to be no time or energy left to nurture yourself.
Eventually you feel so utterly exhausted and overwhelmed that you have a meltdown, decide enough is enough, and book a time for some serious self-care … a massage, a night out with the girls or even a whole weekend away. Feeling better, you return to day to day life but slowly but surely you start feeling overwhelmed again, wondering why your needs are still at the bottom of the pile.
As a life coach, I hear this story often, and as a mother of three young children, I have experienced this for myself.
I have learned a very important lesson: 5 minutes of self-care practice daily will serve you better in the long run than a day spa visit every 3 months.
Self-Care is NOT a luxury. It is an essential part of your being. Self-care helps give us the energy to give and give and give to our children. It helps preserve our patience and sanity. It helps us feel valued in the world and creates a deeper sense of connection and joy within our family unit.
Practicing self care daily, in little bite sized pieces, ensures that we maintain a sense of well-being rather than waiting until we are totally depleted to take action. Prevention is always simpler than a cure.

Here are some of my favourite short self care practices:

– Curling up on my daybed to read a chapter of my book in the middle of the day

– Stopping for a coffee, solo, after dropping kids off and before starting work for the day

– A 5 minute workout at morning tea time (I work at home) to re-energise myself. This core workout a favourite.
– Pampering – a face mask or a quick coat of red polish on my toes
– A short walk once my husband gets home to let go of any tension created in the day with kids

I am so passionate about Mums caring for themselves better that I have created an online Self Care Week for Mums which is starting on October 11th. If you would like some support and inspiration to kick start your self care practices then please join me. I would love to have you.

Self-care is a constant work in progress. No matter how well or how poorly you currently feel you are caring for your own needs take a moment now to recommit to yourself.
Author bio:

Linda Anderson is Mum to three beautiful daughters, a Life Coach and creator of the online program 5 Minutes 4 Mum.

Disclaimer: The above information is correct and current at the time of publication.


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