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Last Updated on 14 October 2019

Will health insurance cover my gym membership?

Health insurance for gym membership
Key Points
  • Many Australians don’t know that some health insurance policies can save you up to several hundred dollars a year on your gym membership.
  • Discounts, rebates and even additional health and lifestyle benefits are on offer.
  • These benefits are normally only available on high-level policies with extras. Any details would need to be confirmed with your health insurance provider.


Why cover your gym membership?

Getting to the gym and working up a sweat is something most of us aspire to. But not all of us end up following through. Reasons for inaction can span from being too time-poor to not having enough dosh in the bank to pay for a full-time membership, or a gym that offers the motivation you need.

So taking out a policy that rewards us financially can be a fantastic incentive to get back on the treadmill. Not only can this sort of comprehensive health cover inspire us to take better ownership of our wellbeing, it can also help us keep a handle on our monthly expenses.

Some policies can save us several hundreds a year! Imagine where else that money could be going…A family holiday? That renovation you’ve been putting off? A new wardrobe?

Whatever it is, it could be just around the corner! If you’ve been asking “will health insurance cover my gym membership?” for some time now, why not find out today?

Compare your existing policy with what else is out there.

Health funds that cover gym membership

Take a look at this handy table to see what fitness benefits are available from a number of popular health insurance providers willing to cover gym memberships. Keep in mind these policies and providers could change their offerings. Remember to check the related fund information for details to make sure that the provider is still offering these exact benefits. This table may not cover every health insurance provider offering wellness and lifestyle benefits.

Health funds that offer gym membership benefits

What to look for in a policy

The best sort of policy is normally one that fits into your current lifestyle. We’re all different, but luckily when it comes to health insurance, there’s a diverse range of health cover policies to accommodate our differences.

If you’re a twice-a-week yoga enthusiast, you’ll be more interested in an option that offers a rebate on those classes. If you follow an intense one-on-one training regime at the gym, you may want to find a policy that covers the cost of personal trainers instead.

Figure out first what benefits you’d really appreciate within the bounds of your current lifestyle, rather than benefits that would simply be nice to have down the track. Note that membership of some funds entitles members to gym discounts at certain facilities and some funds pay a benefit towards a gym membership that is prescribed to assist a diagnosed health issue.

Not sure what sort of cover you need? Explore what’s on offer here.

Tailored level of coverage

It’s important that your health cover is customisable and that your provider can tailor it to your individual needs. Not all policies are as flexible on this, but some health funds do offer some surprising add-ons and wellness extras that many Australians don’t know about.

Find out what’s on offer and see if you can choose the amount of cover you take out. Too much cover could be a drag on the pockets, but too little could spell out disaster if anything with your health goes awry.

Different life stages and family situations normally require different levels of cover. So the more flexibility your health insurance provider offers, the better. If you’re confused where you sit in this, look into some of our life stage guides as helpful starting points.

Regardless of the type or level of cover you take out, it’s likely that there will be an annual limit to how much you can claim on. The easiest way to know this figure in advance is to check the fund information or contact your provider directly.

Incentives to benefit body and wallet

If you’re passionate about both your health and finances, the benefits of taking out a health insurance policy that covers gym membership could be multifold.

Health insurance policies can often inadvertently reward healthier behaviour by offering lower premiums to those who are keeping fit and making conscious lifestyle decisions.

It’s a win-win situation!

On the other hand, if you’re concerned about the added costs of a gym membership, you could always think about reducing your overall level of cover.

That way, you’d still get the extra benefits but avoid having to pay higher premiums.

But keep in mind that once you lower your cover, you may need to re-serve waiting periods if you decide to raise your cover again in the future. Also be aware that a lower level of cover may offer you less financial support in the event of an illness or accident.

It’s always best to consult your health insurance provider before deciding to make any major changes to your policy.

How to get started

To begin, take a look at your current health insurance policy and see if there are any extra gym membership or lifestyle benefits you’re missing out on. This information should be outlined in your PDS and potentially available on your health insurance provider’s website.

If you don’t have health cover yet, think about whether gym membership benefits could be an ideal option for you and your family. As we’ve explored, many health funds in Australia offer this and sometimes even more. For example, Westfund is known to cover swimming classes for children! See Westfund for details.

Getting on the phone to a health insurer and asking about health management, healthy lifestyle benefits and wellness extras is a perfect way to start the conversation.

But keep in mind that certain information may be required of you to claim your benefits. You may need to keep a record of any doctor’s referrals, personal training plans, gym receipts or other documentation. Be sure to confirm these details with your insurer for peace of mind that come claim time you’ll be able to get your money back.

As with all insurance policies, exclusions may apply.

Disclaimer: The above information is correct and current at the time of publication

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