Last Updated on 13 February 2020

Coverage Options for Chiropractic Care

Getting coverage for chiropractic care is not that easy, especially with health insurance.  Both inside and outside of health insurance, you may actually have some possibilities.  An adjustment or chiropractic therapy may be within your grasp – without the full burden of the expense.

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Are You Currently Covered?

Believe it or not, you might just be covered already. Take the time to identify if this is true for your situation, as seen in the following situations:

  • Chiropractic care may be included in your existing health insurance plan.  Check your network to see what practitioners are covered, as well as the covered cost (i.e. up to 80% with applicable deductibles, etc.).
  • Chiropractic care may be covered only if your doctor approves/requests it.  Look for situations where chiropractic care is covered; some plans will cover it in the case of auto accidents, work-related injuries, and others.
  • Don’t forget to check your group health plan.  Cover for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is increasing, as employers are providing such benefits due to high request.

Talk to your current health insurance company to see if this may be the case.  Insurers will vary widely in regards to chiropractic care: from regular care to specified instances/scenarios, and of course some provide no coverage at all.

Obtaining Some Level of Coverage from an Insurer

There are some possibilities if you aren’t currently covered.  In regard to both your current insurer, and maybe even a separate company, you might be able to go with one of these options:

  • Add on chiropractic care coverage.  Insurance providers may be able to offer a certain amount of coverage that is subject to deductibles and a percentage of the charges.  Look at your current provider as well as other options.
  • Discount Plan: Offered through an insurance company or another source, discount plans can be a valuable way to obtain such coverage.  However, it will not work in the same sense as traditional insurance (deductibles and percentages).  You will simply pay the discounted charges as defined; there is no reimbursement from the company.
  • Speak with your chiropractic office.  There may be the option of paying for services on some interest-free basis.  If you are there for a certain reason, this might be simpler than obtaining insurance or a discount plan.


Getting coverage for chiropractic care can be a bit of a mess.  You may or may not be able to obtain coverage with your current company – and it might be tricky navigating through discount plans, adding coverage with another insurer, or some other option.

It is important to look at all of your options before proceeding.  Be very clear about the terms of the coverage/discount before heading to the chiropractor or purchasing the coverage.

Hopefully you will be able to obtain savings on coverage for the chiropractic treatment you require.  The range of preventative and treatment-based services that a chiropractor offers are extremely valuable.  You would do well to investigate where you stand and what action you need to take to get the best chiropractic cover for you.


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