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Grand United—known as GU Health—specialises in corporate health insurance in Australia, with a singular focus on helping businesses invest in employee health via tailored insurance solutions, reports on employee health and wellness, and easy-to-access online portals. The company provides support for more than 300 businesses nationwide.

GU is a for-profit organisation with an open membership structure.

  • GU Health offers health insurance policies that can be tailored to fit the needs of various businesses, including hospital cover and extras cover.
  • In terms of performance, GU Health ranks at or above average in many categories.
  • Member rewards include hefty discounts at partner establishments.

GU Health offers tailored insurance cover solutions to meet the needs of businesses of various levels. Policies change depending on the industry, number of employees, payroll systems, company budget, employee needs. Nevertheless, most insurance options include hospital cover and extras cover.

Members can always refer to the document Your Plan Information for details on specific benefits of their policy. This document can be accessed through the Online Member Services portal.

Hospital Cover

GU Health hospital cover takes care of in-patient services and hospital accommodation in public hospitals or private GU partner hospitals.

Plans may include cover for maternity services, reproductive services, theatre fees, medications taken in-hospital, psychiatric care, injuries due to accidents, surgically-implanted prostheses, and home care.

Some plans may include an excess, payable if you or someone on your membership is admitted to hospital as a private patient. In some cases, the excess is waived for same-day admissions, children, or student dependants.

Extras Cover

GU Health extras cover assists with general and major dental and orthodontics, optical, physiotherapy, natural therapies, chiropractic services, aids, and health management services.

Member support program

GU Health offers a Member Home Support Program, an option that allows you to be discharged from hospital early, so you can be treated in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Once cleared by your GU Health doctor, you may access physiotherapy, occupational therapy, general and specialist nursing, personal care attendance, maternity nursing help, and other support services straight from your home.

Home support services also help with the transition from hospital care to home care.

Overseas visitors health cover

GU Health also provides non-resident cover options for visitors to Australia. They provide cover options similar to what an Australian resident eligible for Medicare would receive.

According to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman (PHIO), here’s how GU Health compares to its peers in the industry. These figures provide a health insurance review by giving you an idea of how GU stacks up to the rest.

  • Hospital Related Charges Covered
    GU Health: 88.3%
    Industry average: 91.06%
  • Medicare Services with No Gaps
    GU Health: 87.93%
    Industry average: 86.6%
  • Medicare Services with No or Known Gap
    GU Health: 95.37%
    Industry average: 94.88%
  • General Treatment Covered
    GU Health: 74.61%
    Industry average: 53.52%

GU Corporate Health Compared to Industry


GU Health has a market share of less than 0.5% of the national market share; as such the PHIO does not show the percentage of complaints that it receives. It only reflects the actual number of all complaints received as well as the number of complaints investigated.

GU Corporate Health Share of PHIO Complaints


Hospital claims

  • Typically, the partner hospital treating you will send the bill straight to GU Health for you.
  • If there are any expenses in excess of your claim, you must pay for these out-of-pocket. You can pay such expenses directly to the hospital.
  • In cases where you are required to lodge the claim yourself, you must visit a Medicare office to request a Statement of Benefit Advice confirmation letter. Then you can download a claim form from the GU Health website. Send both the letter and claim form to GU Health through post or email.
  • Your employer might also be able to process claims on your behalf.

Extras claims

  • To claim extras cover, present your GU Health membership card at your clinic’s HICAPS facility.
  • You can also claim extras cover online by downloading the claim form off the GU Health website and sending the accomplished claim form via post or email.


GU Health offers Flex-eClaim for extras claims, a quick and easy way to make a claim. To register, log into your Online Member Services account and choose ‘Flex-eClaim’ under the ‘Claims’ drop down menu. You can then upload a copy of your itemised account, either by scanning it or taking a photo on your phone. The claim can be submitted instantly online, and your benefits will be paid into your bank account within two business days of approval.

If you are a member of GU Health, you may be able to access discounts at partner establishments, such as:

  • 20% discount on clothing from Brooks Running
  • 10% discount from The Hamper Emporium
  • 20% discount on bras from Moving Comfort
  • 50% discount on select brands from OnSport
  • Travel insurance premiums with ACE Travel Insurance

If you are seeking a doctor partnered with GU Health, you can use the Find a Provider tool on the GU Health website. Currently they are partnered with Whitecoat, the country’s most comprehensive health care provider directory online.

To check whether your preferred hospital is partnered with GU Health, you can look through their Find a Hospital list.

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