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Last Updated on 24 February 2019

Get Members-Only Discounts via Your Private Health Fund

Registering with a private health fund affords many advantages and opportunities for Australians seeking better health care. You’ll have access to a choice of doctors, shorter waiting lists, and broader choice in where you are treated.

In addition to the many reasons why private health insurance is beneficial for many people, you may be able to get members-only discounts for different products or services via your private health fund. There are many funds competing for your membership, and they often offer some extra perks for those who choose them.

Health Savers

One of the prime discounts members may receive through their private health funds is for additional services that will improve their health. This is a win-win situation, because the customer gets a discount on a service that may be expensive and is enjoyable and useful, and the health fund benefits from the improved health of the individual in that they will have to pay less money overall to take care of the health of that person.

One example of this would be a gym membership. Some private health funds offer discounts at gyms, encouraging their clients to stay in shape. The more an individual takes care of their own health and keeps fit, the higher the likelihood that the health fund will have fewer health care expenses for that person.

Another discount in this area is preventative dental care cover. A private health fund may offer access to free dental checkups and screenings for its customers. This is excellent for customers, who won’t have out of pocket costs and advantageous for the health fund, who hope to pay out fewer dental expenses later on if there is a high standard of dental care among their customers.

Relationship Rewards

Many funds offer rewards to customers because of mutual relationships with other providers. One example of this is eyeglasses and contact lenses. Private health funds do business with optical centers across the country and often cultivate relationships with particular companies. This enables them to offer special savings and packages for eyewear. You may get a discount on a pair of glasses, a free pair with purchase of one, or free services such as eye exams and visual field analysis.

The fund may also offer discounts on such products as sporting apparel, which doesn’t directly improve your health but gives fitness a positive image for customers.

Extra Perks

Other than health related discounts, many health funds offer rewards plans for customers simply to show gratitude and offer incentives to keep customers on their plans. These may take the form of movie tickets, tickets to sporting events, discounts on accommodations in various lodgings, subscriptions to magazines and more. Often, the longer you stay with a particular health fund, the greater the rewards you may be offered.

Each health fund offers a unique array of rewards and discounts for customers. A private health insurance comparison will help you determine which rewards each one provides and help you determine if this should play a part in your decision when choosing a fund. While this may not be the most important factor when choosing, it may help you reach a decision if two funds seem equally suitable for you in all other important points of comparison.

Disclaimer: The above information is correct and current at the time of publication.

Disclaimer: The above information is correct and current at the time of publication

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