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Does the health insurance premium increase really matter?

Average health insurance price hike not an accurate reflection of true costs to Aussies.

By now most Australians are aware that they are going to be hit with an average premium increase of 4.84% on April 1st. But what does that actually mean for consumers, and should they care?

The truth is, the average price increase is a useless figure for most Aussies. First of all, it’s an average, not an accurate reflection of what will happen to your health insurance premium. Your fund may raise its prices by much more or much less than the average.

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Australians are also starting to tune out the noise about the premium increase. When you’ve heard the same message one too many times, you stop listening. It’s easy to think that the price increase is inevitable and resign yourself to paying more once it kicks in.

Many Aussies don’t realise that they hold more bargaining power than they think, and that’s the power to compare. Visit to find the best deal on the policy you want. It’s a simple move that could save you hundreds.

When you pay your premium on autopilot, it may feel like the increase doesn’t matter. However, there’s more at work behind the scenes than rising health insurance prices. Not only are policy prices going up, but the government rebate is going down, widening the gap between what you pay and what you receive in subsidies for private cover.

Competition is the key to driving down prices, and with thousands of policies on the market there’s a good chance that you can find one with the features you need at a price that’s lower than what you’re paying now.

Customers report success in using the service, with one recent user saying that by talking to a Health Insurance Comparison consultant they were able to secure “better insurance cover tailored to my needs at a more competitive price.”

The health insurance average premium increase may not have a huge impact on individual policyholders, but an annual increase year after year does, especially when combined with a shrinking Medicare rebate. The longer you go without comparing policies, the more unnecessary money you could be paying for health cover.

Fight the price hike and keep your valuable private insurance by shopping around with service combines online technology with great customer service to save you time and money on your health cover. Switching to a better deal has never been easier—get started today and find out for yourself.

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