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Child Health Insurance Needs: Know What’s Covered

March 13th, 2012 0 comments
Health insurance for children

All parents want to ensure the safety and well being of their children. The infamous airline passenger safety instructions to arrange your own oxygen mask before helping others is necessary in part because parents tend to put their children first, even before their own survival.

Most children need simple basic health care: a few trips to the doctor for annual physical checkups and perhaps a sore throat, fever or ear infection. The fact that the vast majority of children make it through their childhood years without any major health problems doesn’t make it any easier to bear if your own child gets ill or is injured. The physical and emotional pain that occurs in such a situation shouldn’t have to be compounded by hefty medical bills.

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Having private health insurance for your children may help to ease the financial strain should your child need major medical care. A private health fund may also cover some of the regular child healthcare needs that have to be addressed by every responsible parent. Compare private health insurance policies to see which ones best address the health of your children.

Baby Health Care and Insurance

Babies typically have several scheduled medical appointments in their first two years. There are checkups to mark the baby’s development, such as ability to see and hear, and an immunisation schedule. It is rare that a baby requires hospitalization, but there may be times when they need to be admitted as inpatients to monitor a condition such as a high fever.

Some babies need health treatment to deal with problems that developed in the womb or in the months after the birth. Premature babies may need a plethora of therapies to get them up to speed with their born-on-time counterparts. Other babies have less complex needs such as a lazy eye or other imperfection that may be easily remedied with proper treatment.

For treatment not covered under Medicare, you may want to compare private health insurance so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Hospital treatment as a private patient is not covered by Medicare, but some public coverage is available for hospital inpatients.

Children’s Health Insurance

As your baby becomes a toddler, his or her medical needs change. Some treatments may become unnecessary if your child “grows out of” a medical condition, or a new health issue may be diagnosed that is more noticeable at this age, such as sensitivities or fine motor skill challenges. This is also the age at which dental treatments and dental health monitoring become more important. Some children may need eye treatment as well by this age. A private health fund may cover all of these services, but Medicare does not.

Pre-Teen Health Insurance Needs

Medical needs are typically simple at this life stage, with a healthy pre-teen needing little more than regular dental checkups and a trip to the doctor if there any health issues arise. They may also require orthodontic treatment, which is generally started around this age. If they have vision problems they may need eye examinations and prescription eyewear. These “extra” treatments are not covered by Medicare, but may be covered by a private health insurance policy.

Teenage Needs

Young adult health needs are similar to adolescent needs. It is rare for a teenager to need anything more than occasional checkups, along with continued dental and eye treatments as well as any other specific therapies for known conditions. Some of the treatments a teenager needs may only be covered under a private health fund package and not by Medicare.

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