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Health premium on the rise? Here’s how to bring it down.


Dramatic price hikes to health insurance premiums over the last decade have pushed Australians to the brink of frustration. With premiums up by more than 50 percent since 2009—three times the rate of inflation—consumers are desperate for affordable health cover. Fortunately, it’s...

4 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Private Health Insurance Premiums


Hefty increases in health insurance costs in recent years have left many Australians under increasing pressure when it comes to paying their monthly premiums. If you’re one of the many Australians looking to reduce your health insurance premiums over the coming year,...

Which costs more: having health insurance or giving it up?


When it comes to health, Australians are split down the middle about whether or not to purchase insurance. According to recent government statistics, nearly 47 percent of Australians hold hospital cover and 55 percent have ancillary cover.* Purchasing health insurance often comes...

What to do when your health premium goes up


The Health Minister recently agreed to raise health premiums by an average of 4.84 percent, a move that has Australians across the country wondering how they will be able to pay the bills. This price hike translates to an average of $2...

What to do about the pink tax on life insurance


New research reveals that life insurance is the latest industry to subject women to the ‘pink tax,’ a phenomenon where women are charged more than men for the same product. Studies show that on average, income protection insurance costs women 32% more...

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