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Your Guide to Hospital Cover in Australia


Medicare is fantastic for those who can’t afford or do not choose to purchase private health cover. In saying this, purchasing hospital cover may be beneficial for you or your family. Hospital cover comes with several medical and financial benefits that you...

How to Maintain Private Health Insurance After Losing A Job


The professional landscape is always changing, and nobody’s job is truly safe. Companies crash out of nowhere which forces layoffs, and you might find yourself on the chopping block. If you’re worried about losing your job or have recently fallen victim to...

Ear Health: The Importance of Seeing an Audiologist


If you’ve started to notice that your hearing ability has decreased over recent years, you may want to visit an audiologist. Audiologists specialise in ear health and can assist you with all matters related to your ears. Despite the importance of audiologists...

Going Overseas? Take a Holiday From Your Health Insurance Premiums


Australian private health insurance won’t cover you while you’re overseas—that’s what travel insurance is for. With this in mind, it seems pointless to continue paying a premium for a service you can’t use, especially if you’re taking an extended trip. But if...

Optical Health Insurance: What Does it Cover?


If you need glasses, you’ll know how expensive a new set of frames can be! Especially if you have a high prescription. And even if you don’t wear glasses now, there’s a chance that might change in the future. With 50% of...

2018 Private Health Insurance Rate Rise


The 2018 Health Insurance Rate Rise is just around the corner and it has just been announced that premiums are going to increase by an average 3.95%; this is what you should know. Each year on the 1st of April, health funds...

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