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Category: Featured

Jan 2015

Health Insurance for Children

Health insurance offers valuable peace of mind, especially for young families with changing medical needs. Here is our guide to buying health insurance for your family and making sure that it stays relevant for your situation as your family gets o...

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Jan 2015

Orthodontics and Private Health Insurance

Orthodontia is a form of dentistry that focuses on studying and treating issues such as improper bites, tooth irregularities and uneven jaw relationships. Both dentists and orthodontists are concerned with your oral health. So, what do they do differ...

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Jan 2015

Health Insurance for Parents Whose Children are Leaving Home

When major life changes happen, your health insurance needs change. Having the right coverage for you and your family is essential to protect your finances and, most importantly, your health. Reevaluating your needs is important when major milestones...

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Dec 2014

Medicare vs Private Health Insurance

Medicare ensures that all Australians receive free public healthcare. But when is it not enough? The private healthcare system, which funds around a third of all healthcare in the country, can grant patients access to certain treatments and options t...

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Jan 2013

Health Insurance and Cancer

Cancer is a big killer in Australia. It’s estimated that as many as one in two Australian men and one in three Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer before they reach 85. This is a scary thought and you may be wondering if Medicare and hea...

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Oct 2012

What’s In It For Me? The Benefits of Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance has become increasingly popular in recent years. It gives an individual or his or her family access to the private healthcare system in Australia. Through the payment of premiums, private healthcare insurance will cover most,...

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Jun 2012

The Health Risks and Financial Cost of Smoking

In Australia, smoking is the single most preventable cause of illness and death.  It is estimated that smoking-related health issues will kill at least half of the smoking population.  Over the years, the government has used tactics such as taxes, ...

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Apr 2012

The Secret to Effective Health Insurance Comparison: Staying Organised

Navigating the ins and outs of health insurance comparison might seem tricky.  However, there is one tip that really helps to make it all easier.  Follow along to see what being organised can do for you when you compare health cover. The First Ste...

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Mar 2012

Health Insurance Cover for Natural and Alternative Health Care

With today’s modern medicine, technological progress powers the health system. Researchers are constantly developing new treatments for illnesses based on cutting edge advances in medical care, and as a result, many lives have been saved. There ...

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