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Your Guide to Hospital Cover in Australia


Medicare is fantastic for those who can’t afford or do not choose to purchase private health cover. In saying this, purchasing hospital cover may be beneficial for you or your family. Hospital cover comes with several medical and financial benefits that you...

Optical Health Insurance: What Does it Cover?


If you need glasses, you’ll know how expensive a new set of frames can be! Especially if you have a high prescription. And even if you don’t wear glasses now, there’s a chance that might change in the future. With 50% of...

Health Insurance for Families


Raising children is expensive enough without adding high medical costs on top, which is why most Australian families have private family health insurance. As a parent you want to protect your children so they can grow up to be healthy and happy,...

Will Private Health Insurance Cover My Cosmetic Surgery?


Thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery? You may be wondering whether you’ll receive any assistance from your health insurance provider. This depends on your insurance policy (or plan), and the purpose for your surgery. Your answer will largely depend on whether you are...

Your Guide to Extras Cover in Australia


Extras cover, which is also known as general or ancillary cover, provides cover for the routine treatments that Aussies tend to use regularly. It is important to consider whether purchasing extras cover makes sense for you and/or your family, or whether you...

Hospital cover: Everything you need to know


If you fall sick and need professional treatment, you’re likely to end up relying on one of two healthcare systems.  This will be either the public healthcare system (or Medicare) or the private healthcare system. Compare Health Cover   Under  Medicare, you...

Private Health Insurance and Dental


In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have a fantastic public health care system in the form of Medicare, through which many services are free or subsidised. However, despite the fact that good oral health is crucial for overall well being, Medicare does...

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