You Are What You Wear: What Your Specs Say About You


There was a time when the thought of wearing glasses would bring dread to whoever was unfortunate enough to need them. They were bulky, uncomfortable, and perceived as unattractive.

Well, those days are over.

Now, people have an endless choice of frames, from dark, thick, cat-eye shapes, to round, classic wire styles; even clear, tortoiseshell, candy-coloured and pastel frames. Various sizes, brands, colours, shapes and materials flood the shelves in chain and boutique stores.

You can customise your specs to reflect your exact personality and mood. They have become a fashion statement, political statement, and all around statement of YOU.

You’ll even find those with perfect 20/20 vision wearing a bold set of frames—they’re stylish and attractive. Oh, how times have changed.

Not 100% sure about those frames you’ve been eyeing off? Want something bold but need a second opinion? You’ll likely be wearing your frames a fair bit—maybe even daily—so it’s important to ensure they flawlessly reflect your style and speak to you.

Get your message across with a little help from our guide—there is actual psychological research based on choice of specs and what they say about your personality.


When it comes to rims, there are a myriad of styles out there, but ultimately, you can put them into 3 main categories: rimless, thin rims, and full rims.

1. Rimless

You might think that rimless glasses help disguise the fact that you are wearing glasses. You probably think that people don’t even notice your glasses from afar and can overlook them up close because they are so unsuspecting.

These thoughts, behaviour patterns, and (most importantly) your choice in rims suggest that your personality is sly and cunning.

And while you may not think that other people interpret you that way while you’re wearing your rimless glasses, research shows that people view those with no-rims as less trustworthy than those with larger, more obvious rims.

And this whole time you just figured that your rimless glasses would match with everything…

2. Thin Rims

Do you like to keep things simple? Live by the motto, “less is more?”

Then you are more likely to choose glasses with thin rims. And while the shape doesn’t really matter, those with thin rims tend to value a more minimalist lifestyle.

When people see your thin rims, they interpret you as a practical, logical person, who does not overindulge. And people already view those with glasses as being smarter than their non-glasses counterparts, so with thin glasses, you are coming off as reasonable and intelligent—but maybe not the life of the party.

Definite job interview accessory!

3. Full Rims

You are your own person. An individual. Unique. A bit peculiar even…

And, your the rims on your specs are thick, full, and distinctive.

Wearing thick glasses demonstrates that you are not afraid to stand-out from the crowd. In fact, you enjoy being viewed as unique. You have your own ideas, and you’re willing to share them regardless of whether or not they are common or popular.

Your parents might not understand, but these character traits are what make you so amazing – and everyone knows it when they see your obvious, attention-grabbing frames. You’re no follower, that’s for sure.


1. Luxury Brand

Brands own the fashion world. And as glasses are now a huge part of making a fashion statement, various brand names have staked their claim in the world of corrective vision.

But what do they say about the people who are willing to give up the extra cash for that special emblem and name?

Well, if you won’t wear glasses unless they are designed by your favourite company, you are likely social and goal oriented.

After all, those designer frames are not cheap – people need to see them and know that you worked hard for them.

Wearing luxury glasses sets you apart from the crowd and visibly demonstrates that you are conscious about your appearance and willing to put more effort into it than those who are fine with taking advantage of the 2 for $149 deal.

But don’t overdo it with the logo, you could be sending an unintended message…

While wearing luxury frames demonstrates that are you are an Instagram ready socialite, wearing glasses with exceptionally large brand logos says something a bit different.

Huge logos that are immediately visible and distinguishable suggest that, while you are conscientious of your appearance and social standing, you may be insecure about your social status and eager to fit in.

So just relax. “Cool” looks different on every person and you don’t need Prada or Gucci to tell the world how awesome you are.


Your colour choice also says a lot about who you are when it comes to selecting new specs.

1. Black

The ever classic black is a staple amongst those who feel they are above trends and value practicality.

Interestingly, black frames are always in style as they match everything and can highlight the great features of any face shape. So, when people see you in your black frames, they likely think they you are stylish without trying, and practical without being uptight.

Good combo!

2. Blue

Blue is a cool, calm colour and those who choose blue probably embody that persona.

Furthermore, research shows that those who see you in your blue glasses will assume that you are reliable, trustworthy, and honest.

3. Green

While you might automatically associate money or nature with green, psychological studies show that people who choose green glasses are cheerful and joyous.

Those who see you in your fresh green frames will also see you as an optimistic friend and team player!

4. Red

Everyone knows that red stands out. And those who choose red glasses portray that in their colour selection.

If your specs are red, you are confident, determined, and bold.

You want to stand out – and you will!

People view those with red glasses as being self-assured and having strong leadership qualities and characteristics.

5. Clear

While clear is definitely not a colour that stands out, it does let those around you know that you are up with the latest fashions.

Clear glasses are easy to match and have a neat affect in the night light.

If you wear clear glasses, people will know that you are a trendy socialite who appreciates making a statement at all times of night and day.


While there are an endless amount of frame shapes to choose from, a few stand out to really define your personality.

1. Horned Rim

Horned rims let those around you know that you value originality and are exceedingly charming. People who choose this type of frame tend to be independent and creative thinkers.

2. Cat-eye

Do you have long for all things retro? Maybe you shop at vintage stores and play all of your music on a record player.

People who know you, know that you have an eclectic personality and value the classic and vintage over modern and contemporary.

If that’s you, you are more likely to be drawn to cat-eye shaped frames. Cat-eye rims are representative of the eras ranging from the 50’s to the 70’s, and so are you!

3. Round

Round frames are not as common as they once were.  Like cat-eye rims, they pay homage to an earlier era. So, if you find yourself drawn to this style of glasses, odds are that you have an appreciation for history or vintage styles.

Those who see you your round rims will interpret you to be a bit quirky and smart.

4. Square

Those who choose square frames are more likely to associate with like-minded people, but less likely to establish permanent ties.

If you wear square frames, you and your friends probably have similar tastes in must, art and literature. You may even follow the same spiritual mantras and devote a lot of your time together to these cultural aspects.

As a result, those who see you in these glasses might perceive you as less approachable, but still friendly.

Who Are You?

So, who are you? Bold or understated? Practical or carefree? Classic or trend-focused?

Does our analysis match up with your own personality assessment? Let us know!

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