What to buy a health nut for Christmas in 2019


When you look at a bottle of red wine you hope for hints of berries with a spicy finish.

When your loved one looks at the same bottle they think, ‘Six hundred and fifty calories’ or ‘an hour-long jog.’ Opposites attract. It’s why you get along.

But when it comes to Christmas shopping, what exactly do you buy a health nut? Sweets and booze are a no-go, but it is possible to find gifts they’ll truly appreciate.

Rise to the challenge with these ten healthy gift ideas they’ll love you even more for.

1. Natio’s Wellness Sugar Scrub

When Christmas rolls around, food, presents and wine make overindulging almost impossible to avoid. But here’s a product that’ll increase sugar intake in a healthy way.

This scrub will buff away dead skin and leave your loved ones glowing with Christmas cheer.

2. Edible Beauty Native Collagen Powder

This edible collagen powder not only tastes great, it’s also packed with nutrients that’ll keep your loved ones feeling great and looking radiant. Add the powder to shakes or smoothies to pack a healthy punch.

Full to the brim with vitamins and natural antioxidants, the health nut in your life will be truly impressed. Add it to your Christmas shopping list now!

3. The Edible Beauty and Balancing Butterfly Blue tea

This tea isn’t going to make your ordinary cuppa. The key ingredient is Butterfly Pea Extract which gives the brew a deep blue colour.

Naturally sweet, the tea is full of antioxidants that help boost circulation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties making it an ideal post-workout drink.

4. Beats Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

It’s a wrap. Who said silence was golden? These wireless earphones will pump out the beat while your loved one pumps up the iron.

Fully adjustable, they’re going to fit snugly so there’s no danger of them flying off mid rep. They’re even sweat resistant for those intense cardio workouts.

5. The Nike Featherlight Aerobill Cap

Keep the sun out of your loved ones’ eyes while they run outside with this Nike Featherlight Cap.

This stocking filler features special dri-FIT technology. The clever design keeps runners cool, dry and comfortable.

6. Raww Super Good Tote Skincare Pack

These skincare products are 100 percent natural and vegan. It’s a four in one gift comprising of Raww’s cleanser, face oil and hand and nail cream.

All products are full-sized and your loved ones will be able to pack them into the charming tote bag. No wrapping required.

7. Fly Active Arm Pocket

Anyone who exercises regularly knows it’s a nuisance to keep those must-have accessories handy.

The Fly Active Arm Pocket is the answer. Stylish and discreet, it’ll store a phone, keys and cash.

There’s even a hole for earphones. Gifts don’t get much more useful than this.

8. Book choice: Coming Home to Eat: Wholefood for the Family

Give your loved ones some inspiration in the kitchen with this wholefoods cookbook. It explains how to bring organic, wholesome and nutrient-rich food into their diet.

9. The Cuisipro Spray Pump

This kitchen gadget is a must-have for healthy eaters. It ensures just the right amount of flavour and texture are added to salads or for frying with a light spray of oil.

10. The Chuchka Lola Backpack

Fill this backpack full of seasonal goodies to make it an even more special gift. The bag is great for carrying around a gym kit or overnight essentials too.

Stay fighting fit with these accessories

Exercise and diet are key to healthy living.* That gives you plenty of scope to give a meaningful gift to anyone health-conscious.

If there’s a fitness fanatic in your life, you’ll find an endless list of must-have extras from gym towels to ankle weights. Check out On Sport for more ideas.

For sports fanatics, head to Rebel Sport for everything from cricket balls to branded football boots. You’ll never go wrong with Nike for trainers or shades from Sunglass Hut.

For healthy eaters, ditch traditional Christmas treats and go for something that’s not only good for them but tastes great too.

Aussie Health Products offers a range of drinks, snacks, vitamins and homeopathic treatments that’d make Santa’s sleigh groan.

Healthy food gift ideas for Christmas

Australians are on average likely to gain up to one and a half kilos over the Christmas period.** It’s a sobering thought.

Your average health nut is likely to be aware of the excesses around them. That doesn’t mean they don’t want an extra treat too.

The trick is to find them something that’s interesting but isn’t packed with ‘hard to shift’ calories.

That will mean foods that are not only low in sugar and fat but also contain a little extra zing to give them a health kick.

Dried superfruits such as goji berries would be a great choice along with healthy herbal supplements like ginkgo or ginseng.

Get personal by packaging gifts yourself

Go for exotic teas and coffees or spicy nuts and seeds.

These are the sorts of gifts you can arrange in your own style so that they’re packaged tastefully with a personal touch.

You could also give a cookbook that’s full of healthy recipes or a gift token to a favourite health food store.

If your loved one lifts weights regularly, they’re going to need lots of extra protein to build muscle.

Go for a high-quality protein supplement with added creatine.

Take things a step further with a specialist blender so that they can buff up with their own healthy post-gym recipes.

Help make it the most wonderful time of the year

What to get a health nut for Christmas can seem a little counterintuitive at first.

The holiday season is a good excuse for too much booze and food, isn’t it? Sometimes it is, but above all, Christmas is a time for giving.

That means matching your choice of gifts to all your loved ones. Our selection of healthy gift ideas for Christmas are there to help you get it right.

Click on any of our choices and watch your loved one’s face light up the room this Christmas.

*[www1.health.gov.au.] [https://www1.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/Nutrition+and+Physical+Activity-1] **[www.nutritionaustralia.org] [https://www.nutritionaustralia.org/national/resource/tips-beat-christmas-bulge]

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