No-Bake Winter Lunch Recipes to Save You Money and Effort


In the dead of winter, the days feel so sleepy and sluggish, you can hardly be bothered to get out of bed. But alas, humans don’t hibernate! You still need to do human things like eat, even if you’d much rather be bundled up under the covers rather than labouring over the oven. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of quick and easy lunches for you—no oven needed! Here are 10 simple no-bake lunch recipes you can whip up this winter.

Skillet meals

The heat of a skillet is a welcome friend in the cold winter months. Below are some quick and easy skillet meals to heat you up from the inside!

Creamy Parmesan, Garlic & Mushroom Chicken

Warm your stomach with hot chicken cooked in the creamiest parmesan garlic sauce you’ll have in your life. This skillet meal takes only thirty minutes to make and serves the whole family. Get the recipe here!

Chicken Sweet Potato & Kale Skillet

This recipe is for a textured, balanced meal featuring golden-brown chicken cubes and fluffy and flavourful sweet potatoes, topped with cheese and kale. Keep the dish interesting even if you serve it again and again by swapping the chicken for turkey or beef, or perhaps using spinach and other greens instead of kale. Get the recipe here!

Skillet Pasta Primavera

This skillet pasta primavera is another 30-minute wonder. It stars tender pasta in the leading role and crisp vegetables that you can swap in and out according to taste. Its remarkable creaminess is typical of one-pot pasta meals, where you don’t add the pasta water to the skillet anymore so it stays undiluted and rich. Bring something new to this meal by adding meat for protein and extra flavour. Get the recipe here!

Broccoli Beef

It’s absolutely worth buying flank steak in bulk so you can have broccoli beef again and again this winter! This skillet meal features beef marinated in soy sauce, accompanied by sauce made with vinegar, chicken broth, oyster sauce and sesame oil. A smattering of healthy broccoli rounds out the dish with exquisite flavour and crunch. Get the recipe here!


Life doesn’t slow down even during hibernation season! Below are recipes for easy to assemble yet scrumptious and filling sandwiches. Make sure to serve on warm bread!

Ultimate Veggie Sandwich with Lemon Herb Cream Cheese

Lunch is a challenge to devour this towering sandwich – made with whole grain bread, fresh and crisp vegetables, and a tangy cream cheese! The cream cheese mixed with herbs, lemon juice, and lemon zest is really what holds this sandwich together. Pack it bursting with greens like spinach, lettuce, or kale, tomatoes and cucumber, and whatever other vegetables you have available. Stick to the healthy whole food theme by sandwiching the vegetables and cheese with whole grain sliced bread. Get the recipe here!

Greek Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

Have a taste of Greece for lunch with these chickpea salad sandwiches. Mix up a salad of mashed chickpeas combined with fresh vegetables like onion, artichokes, red pepper, cucumber, and kalamata olives. Tie it all together with a drizzling of nutty, creamy tahini. Spoon the salad out of the bowl and serve on warm bread. Get the recipe here!

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes

While the recipe isn’t made of authentic Philly cheesesteak, with the right barbecue-broth-and-Worcestershire flavouring you can make it taste almost like the real thing. Make your sloppy joes with ground beef or ground turkey mixed with onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms. Cook the meat until it’s tender and breaking apart, well, sloppily (don’t forget to drain the oil though!). Assemble with buns and serve with preheated melted provolone cheese as a finishing touch. Get the recipe here!

Wraps and burritos

Finally, here are a selection of easy wraps and burritos you can make this winter. Make them by batch beforehand, then just pop them in the toaster or microwave for hot, fuss-free lunches!

Turkey Swiss Wrap and Carrot Salad

Whisk together Dijon mustard, canola mayonnaise, fresh dill, lemon, and some black pepper. Pour the spread, sliced turkey, cheese, bell peppers, and spinach atop the flatbread and roll up for an easy, flavourful turkey wrap! Serve with carrot salad on the side – made with a mixture of carrot and tarragon, flavoured with vinegar and sugar. Get the recipe here!

Cheddar Bean Burritos

These easy-to-make burritos are made with sauteed vegetables, beans, and fresh pico de gallo. Pour the mixture onto flour tortillas (or corn if you prefer) with cheddar cheese (or sour cream) and get rolling! Wrap in foil individually and pop in the freezer to increase lifespan. When it’s time for lunch, simply take a burrito out of the freezer and reheat in the microwave for five minutes. Get the recipe here!

Spicy Sambal Chicken Pineapple Spring Rolls

These chicken spring rolls are based on store-bought rotisserie chicken – made spicy with chilli paste – and contrasted with sweet pineapples. Stuff the spring rolls with a pineapple slice, broccoli slaw, herbs (the recipe uses cilantro), and an ounce of spicy chilli chicken. Wrap them up and refrigerate if you don’t wish to eat them straight away. Heat them up when you’re ready and serve with extra chilli sauce. If you’re looking for a hot lunch this winter, you asked for it! Get the recipe here!

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