Lunchtime Envy? Try These Drool-Worthy (Healthy) Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


If your tastebuds and cheese brie-long together, these recipes are for you.

We’ve tried, tested, grated, sliced and drooled over a stack of toasties to bring you a compilation of the most awesome grilled cheese sandwich recipes.

Read on for the best thing since sliced bread.

Loaded Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Looking for a tasty way to slip in more veg? Sneaky tip: add cheese.

This veggie loaded, cheese dripping grilled sandwich recipe from The Dreaming Foodie is sure to bump up your daily vegetable quota.

Load up on immune boosting onions, antioxidant-rich tomatoes, protein-packed mushrooms, nutrient-rich spinach, heart-healthy avocado and cheesy calcium.

Each layer is designed to complement one another while stacking on the nutrients. Oh, and it tastes like cheese heaven.  

Grilled Chicken Melt With Pesto and Sun-dried Tomato Spread

There are sandwiches, and then there are grilled chicken melts with pesto and homemade sundried tomato spread.

Everything about this recipe sounds delicious. Well, that’s because it is.

Foodie with Family’s drool-worthy recipe is also packed with protein keeping you satisfied for longer.

While the combo of tender grilled chicken and creamy, melted mozzarella alarms the tastebuds, the star of the show is Foodie with Family’s flavoursome sundried tomato spread. Packed with garlic, herbs and of course sundried tomato, this vibrant red spread of deliciousness takes a humble sandwich to gourmet status.

Cauliflower Crust Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Want to cut back on carbs but also can’t part with grilled cheese sandwiches? We get it. There couldn’t be a more tragic modern-day dilemma, until now.

Turns out there’s such a thing as a carb-free toastie. Thanks to fellow foodies and keen fitspos at The Iron You, their cauliflower crust grilled cheese sandwich recipe is a game changer.

Load up on vitamins C and K all while chowing down on the beloved flavour of melted cheddar.

Eggplant and Ricotta Grilled Sandwich

Experiencing a case of the 3pm munchies lately? This one’s for you.

Loaded with fibre-rich eggplant and calorie-cautious ricotta, this cheese sandwich recipe from Well Plated will keep you full till dinner yet feeling light and energetic to fuel that afternoon gym session (you know you want to).

Go one step further and make the cheese yourself. Check out Jamie Oliver’s ricotta cheese recipe for the ultimate homemade grilled cheese sandwich.

Pesto and Caprese Grilled Sandwich

Inspired by the flavours of Italy, say ciao to this fresh yet cheesy salad turned sandwich recipe from A Pinch of Healthy, with pesto on top.

Think fresh basil, tomato and mozzarella drizzled in pesto sauce and grilled between two slices of bread. Drool.

Taste aside, there’s a reason the Italian’s famous caprese salad is so popular. Rich in antioxidants, enough vitamins and minerals to create a mini alphabet and high in plant-based protein, the winning combo makes bodies healthier and taste buds happier.

Bon appetit.

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