8 Things to Buy From Your Local Health Food Store


If you have a health food store near you, you might be wondering what kinds of products they sell. The answer? Pretty much everything!

There are some products that have few differences from the versions you’ll find in the supermarket, though.

Ahead, we’ll give you some items that hold a special value when you buy them from your local health food store.


If you always find yourself reaching for the box of Coco Pops, don’t buy it! Instead, do your cereal shopping at the health food store.

These cereals will still be tasty, but they’re far healthier than the options you’ll find at the supermarket. The healthiest cereal option at the supermarket can’t match the options you can buy at a health food store.

Eating all that sugar in the morning is a terrible way to start the day. Additionally, having sugary cereal around the house is too tempting.

Healthy cereal contains ingredients that will give you the long-term energy you need. It’s a healthy snack and a fantastic breakfast that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Vegetarian Alternatives

It can be difficult to find vegetarian options at a supermarket. What you will find are often a far cry from the meat they’re supposed to replace.

A local health food store will have a much wider variety of vegetarian and vegan options. On top of that, chances are they’re going to be far tastier than anything the supermarket is selling.

Get your tofu and soy products at the health food store instead of the supermarket. Local chefs will often have displays as well. Shopping here is a fantastic way to learn what vegetarian substitutes you have close to home.

Snack Bars

Snack bars at the supermarket are loaded with sugar, carbs, and calories. You might grab them for a fast way to stave off hunger in the middle of the day, but what your eating might be closer to a candy bar rather than something healthy.

Health food stores carry the healthiest options for snack bars. You’ll get bars packed with dry fruit, granola, and tons of fibre.

These bars will give you the energy you need to make it to your next meal. Many of them have some chocolate or caramel as well, so your sweet tooth will be satisfied.


Health food stores are among the best places to find fresh, organic produce. Some people go to the health food store for this exact reason.

Local farmers grow most of the produce you’ll find at these places. When fruits and vegetables grow locally, they don’t face the same nutrient loss that packaged produce does.

When you buy produce from the supermarket, there’s a strong chance they shipped it in from hundreds of miles away. Local produce is healthier, tastier, and fresher in almost every circumstance.


If you want a healthy, organic dip for a party, a local health food store has you covered. Making most dips are quite easy, but you won’t always have the time.

When you can’t make a homemade dip with your own ingredients, a premade dip from the health food store is the next best option. A lot of the time, they’ll have someone make the dip from scratch onsite or nearby.

Soap/Body Wash

Local health food stores usually carry all-natural soaps for bathing and hand washing. The products you get at the supermarket may say they’re all-natural on the label, but a closer look at the ingredients will reveal otherwise.

Your local health food store will likely carry big-name organic brands as well as some products from local suppliers. You should still take a peek at the label, but these soaps are usually entirely organic.

On top of getting some high-quality soap, you’ll likely help support local business when you buy the locally made products!

Essential Oils

There are a ton of different essential oils, and each provides a unique health benefit. If you do your homework, you can even mix them to create relaxing or invigorating blends that will keep you alert or help you sleep.

While you can buy a lot of these products online, it’s much safer if you buy them in a health food store. Since essential oils are growing in popularity, more of these stores have started regularly carrying them.


If you’re in the market for supplements like vitamins and organic protein powder, a health food store is a great place to look.

Supermarkets usually have a decent amount of supplements, but if you want the healthiest option, you’ll have the most luck at a health food store. It can be hard to find organic protein – especially if you’re a vegetarian – but health food stores are fully stocked.

Health Food Store: A One-Stop Shop

While the supermarket will always be a staple of the shopping experience, you might not realise how many products are available at health food stores.

Health food stores provide locally sourced foods that are almost always much healthier than their supermarket relatives. Produce will be fresher, and your vegan alternatives will be a whole lot tastier.

Additionally, you’ll support local businesses rather than nationwide chains. You may even find a new product that you never knew you needed!

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