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Victorians Paying Highest Health Insurance Premiums In Australia

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Victorians are paying the highest prices for health insurance, according to a new report.* Across 11 different policy types, average prices in Victoria were consistently higher than the rest of Australia.

This fluctuation in cost can be attributed to a number of factors, such as variations in state taxes and use of available hospital services. However, it’s also possible that Victorians – and all Australians – are paying higher health insurance premiums because they haven’t looked for a better option.

More Australians seem to be following the advice of Health Minister Sussan Ley, who suggested that cheaper ‘junk’ policies aren’t always a health insurance solution. As consumers seek out comprehensive policies that go beyond hospital cover, they may find themselves with sticker shock, wondering how much is too much to pay.

If you’re unhappy with your health insurance premium, do something about it. Start by comparing policies to find out if you’re paying a fair price. With you can compare multiple quotes from trusted providers, all in one place.

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In under two minutes, you will receive a list of customised policy matches. If you have questions, health insurance experts are available over the phone. They’ll help you understand your quotes and talk to you in terms that make sense so you don’t get lost in the fine print.

Switching policies doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. In fact, it’s probably easier than you think. Thanks to portability laws, Australians are able to switch to equivalent or lesser levels of hospital cover without re-serving any waiting periods. That means you won’t be without cover as you change over to a more affordable policy.

Choosing a new policy can be difficult, especially if you’ve been with the same policy for years. Leaving a company you’ve been with for a long time isn’t always an easy decision, but remember that loyalty doesn’t necessarily equal good value.

Health insurance premiums increase each year, and your health changes as well. When’s the last time you checked in on your policy to make sure it was still delivering what you need? Compare policies today to uncover a better value policy with a brand-name insurer.

Australians may not be able to control nationwide trends or state taxes on health services, but we can make an informed decision about our health. can provide you with a quote that could save you money while keeping you covered. Don’t delay – compare policies and save.


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