This ten-minute phone call could save you hundreds

Rude call centre staff. Irritatingly chipper elevator music. You’ve been put on hold three times in the past half hour, yet the dreaded phone call continues… If you can deal with a company online, why wouldn’t you?

But… while chatbots and search engines do a great job of answering basic questions, they don’t take your individual needs into account. Nor can they go above and beyond to proactively save you money. Only a real person can do that, especially when it comes to shopping for health cover. That’s why picking up the phone is still recommended—even in this modern digital age—to secure a policy that will live up to your expectations.

Melbourne-based Word of Mouth winner, Health Insurance Comparison helps Australians compare cover to find a policy that offers them real value for money. Every situation is different, which is why they ask for just ten minutes of your time to get to know your situation. This allows for more accurate, personalised quotes.


Here’s How You Do It:

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Step 2: Once you select your preferred coverage options, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from multiple health funds.

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What can I expect from the call?

After entering a few details online, you’ll receive a call from a friendly health insurance adviser, qualified to help you in your search for cover. The purpose of this call is to find out about the type of policy you’re looking for. Don’t worry, your adviser will only ask the essential questions, to build on information you’ve already provided—for example, if you’ve selected “physiotherapy” as an extras service you’re interested in, they may ask how regularly you’d like to see your physio.

Remember, while a quick online search might give you an indication of what’s out there, taking a call from a Health Insurance Comparison adviser is much more thorough, for a few reasons:

  • They can quickly compare cover from a panel of 8 health funds, including some of Australia’s leading health insurers like AHM, HCF and NIB

  • Your adviser is fully qualified and knows the industry. No one wants to figure out health insurance on their own—leave it to the pros

  • Health Insurance Comparison has received awards for excellent customer service seven years in a row! No need to worry about a long-winded call


How can a health insurance adviser help me save money?

A quick phone conversation may reap bigger premium savings than an online search. With hundreds of policies out there, it’s easy to miss some! Though everyone’s situation is different, an adviser can help you save money in the following ways:

  • Talk with you about how much you’re currently paying for cover to see if there’s a similar policy out there (or even a more comprehensive one) at a lower cost.

  • Try to get you higher benefits on the services that you regularly use and avoid paying for services you don’t use (for example, help you stop paying for pregnancy benefits if you’re menopausal etc.)

  • Help you understand how Gold, Silver and Bronze/Basic tiers of health insurance differ and guide you toward an option that won’t charge you over and above what you need.

  • Find out if there’s anyone else you’d like to cover other than yourself (e.g. a spouse or family members) and try to see if there is a discount package or deal available that also suits your health insurance preferences.

  • Let you know about any special promotions or government updates that allow you to access health insurance at a lower cost.

  • Get a feel for your budget and attempt to find a policy option that helps you get essential cover without breaking the bank.

  • Offer a 30-day cooling off period, meaning no money wasted if you change your mind.

  • Advise of ways you may be able to lower your premiums (e.g. quit smoking, cover yourself before the age of 31 to avoid the Lifetime Health Cover loading cost, avoid the MLS etc.)

Health Insurance Comparison also has an industry seasoned concierge team that helps with transferring/switching cover, cancelling old cover, paperwork and more. Hassle-free!

The best part is that there are no fees charged for the service, nor marked-up policy costs. All prices come directly from the insurer, while the policy setup process is managed by a trained expert on Australian health insurance.

IMPORTANT: If you switch to an equal level of hospital cover (or lower), you won’t have to re-serve a waiting period. This is a common concern, but something you won’t need to worry about when you’re in the capable hands of your adviser.

The cherry on top is that there is no need to commit, as the policies have no lock-in contracts. If you have a change of heart, your adviser will understand and can help to manage the exit process for you.


Who wants to pay big premiums for a useless policy?

Nobody. Paying expensive premiums for a policy that you’ll barely use just doesn’t add up. But navigating the health insurance industry can be complex. Just ten minutes with an adviser can help you to: 1) set a price you feel comfortable with, and 2) find a policy that covers your health needs properly.

Speaking with a health insurance adviser over the phone is a chance to have your health needs understood and questions clarified, without the kind of sales pressure or company-specific information you’d likely get from speaking to an insurer direct. Health Insurance Comparison works with both nonprofit and for-profit health insurers.

Begin exploring your options by inputting a few simple details below, or you can call Health Insurance Comparison now on 1300 163 402 to get the right conversation started today.

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*Average savings based off 20,400 customers during 2019

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as medical or financial advice. Check with a financial professional before making any decisions.

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