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Now is the time to switch health funds

Consumers desperate to save on EOFY health cover could cut costs by comparing.

The end of the financial year puts household budgets under scrutiny, and can be an opportunity to re-evaluate which expenses should stay and which should go. For many Australians, one of the bills on the chopping block is their health insurance premium.

It’s a bill that has gone up by 71 percent over the last ten years, and people are pinching pennies to keep their coverage. In fact, a recent survey found that one in four Australians have already downgraded their health cover.*

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Fortunately, there’s a way to save on health that doesn’t mean compromising coverage. Compare policies with to find an affordable deal on the cover you want. It’s an easy way to lower your bills that will still give you control over your health care.

Lowering your monthly premium is a good reason to switch health cover, but there are other benefits as well. Five out of six Australians report that they aren’t getting value for money from their health insurance policy.*

If you feel like you’re being taken advantage of by your insurer, switching is a good chance to change that. will scan its database of policies based on what you’re looking for, instantly narrowing down the search to meet your needs.

You won’t have to deal with a company who tries to upsell you on features you don’t want. Let an expert insurance consultant do the legwork for you, from dealing with the paperwork to communicating with the insurer on your behalf. This is a strategy that will save you money and time, two precious commodities for Australians today.

Over 1.8 million visitors used the site last year to find a better deal on health cover. It’s easy to use and free of charge, with no obligation to switch policies. It only takes a few minutes to get a quote, so you can instantly see if there’s a better price available to you.

Shopping around for health cover is a smart way to stay aware of price fluctuations in the health insurance market, and Health Insurance Comparison can help you snap up a great deal. Your consultant can offer advice on how to get great value from your coverage so you can make an informed decision on your health insurance.

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