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Is Malcolm Turnbull Planning to Increase the Medicare Levy?

Rumors of increased taxes prompt Australians to seek out lower cost health care

As the Turnbull government looks for ways to fund public health budget shortfalls, an increase to the Medicare levy could be on the table. This could mean higher costs for Australian taxpayers.

Budget-conscious Australians are turning to the free online service to find a lower price on health cover. Users are able to quickly compare prices on policies from trusted name brand insurers, allowing them to make informed decisions on their private health care.

The Medicare levy is currently set at 2 percent of annual income, depending on income level. If Malcolm Turnbull implements an increase to the Medicare levy, many taxpayers could be affected. With the rising cost of healthcare, Australians are already worried about how they can continue to fit critical private cover into their budget.

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For Australians who haven’t recently compare health insurance, now is the time to change that. Tax increases could further penalize people without the appropriate level of hospital cover. It may cost more to opt out of coverage, especially when it’s so easy to find lower prices on beneficial private cover.

Comparing health cover is a smart move for those looking to lower healthcare costs while still retaining the benefits of private cover. Too many Australians continue to pay for services they don’t use, an overpayment that can be avoided by adjusting to the appropriate level of cover.

Switching insurers is a surprisingly seamless process, especially when a skilled advisor is on hand to take care of the paperwork. With there is no cost to switch, and portability laws ensure that you are not required to re-sit waiting periods when moving to a policy with equivalent or lesser coverage.

Comparing policies enables you to save both time and money on healthcare. It only takes a few minutes to generate a detailed quote so you can start taking control of your health cover costs.

Further information on a potential tax increase is not expected until the release of the new federal budget in May. Don’t wait to find out whether or not the government intends to raise the Medicare levy or surcharge; you can compare health cover now to find a better deal on private health insurance.

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