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How to be smart about your health insurance

Affordable private health cover starts with comparing policies to find a better deal.

If you treat private health insurance as a one-time, “set it and forget it” purchase, you’re probably paying too much. The health insurance industry is dynamic, with prices and available rebates changing on a regular basis.

To be smart about your health insurance, it’s critical that you check up on it at least once a year. It only takes a few minutes when using, an online service that will quickly scan its extensive database of policies to generate a personalised quote.

Here’s How You Do It:

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Step 2: Once you select your preferred coverage options, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from multiple health funds.

You’ll be able to see at a glance how your policy measures up to others on the market, and how much you could save by switching policies. If you don’t see a lower price, it’s worth chatting to an advisor to see if they can find you a better deal by tailoring a policy to your needs.

Take a look at your current coverage to make sure you’re not paying for things you don’t use. It’s surprisingly common for elderly people to have pregnancy cover on their policy when what they really want is cover for joint replacements. You may find that you’re able to access further savings by re-assessing your policy and finding one that is more suitable.

These days more than ever, time is money. That could be why many people don’t take the next step in smart health cover, which is to make the switch to a better deal. It’s easy to get an online quote, but the thought of actually switching might put you off.

Switching insurers is not the hassle it once was, because your insurance advisor will walk you through the process over the phone. They’ll manage the paperwork for you and liaise with the insurers, so you won’t have to waste your time. When it’s all said and done, you should be paying less for your health cover, which is a strong motivator for many consumers.

Customer Alan Sampson found that the process exceeded his expectations. “The changeover was seamless. The advisor was very informative and helpful in aiding us to make decisions. Everything was explained thoroughly and all our questions answered.”

If you’re delaying on switching to a better deal, you’re costing yourself money. Fortunately, it only takes a little bit of initiative and the help of turn that around. Get your free quote today and start being smarter about your health cover.

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