How Aussies can quickly cut out the confusion when hunting for better health cover

Health insurance shouldn’t make you sick, but trying to navigate the ins and outs of this confusing industry is enough to give anyone a migraine. It’s no wonder that many of us give up trying to find a better deal and just stick with our current fund.

But there is a better way.

Using Health Insurance Comparison’s free service only takes a few minutes and you can immediately see how much you could save. Our specialists do all the legwork and find those hidden pockets of value that make your health cover work for you, not the other way round.

*Average savings based off 25,311 customers during 2020

Feeling confused or overwhelmed when looking for health cover? Here’s the answer.

Australia’s 36 health funds offer over 3,500 different products. Add in plenty of industry jargon and it’s no wonder a lot of us give up even trying to understand our policy and stick with the same cover we’ve always had.

But before you shut down your laptop in frustration, or set aside a week to go through every relevant policy detail, there is some good news.

Health Insurance Comparison can cut through the confusion by comparing cover across our trusted panel of insurers. We can save you hours of stress and frustration by quickly identifying which policies on our panel offer the best value.

There’s major savings to be had by comparing. Customers who switched using our service last year saved on average $380.79*. What’s more, our dedicated concierge service even takes care of the paperwork for you..

It’s quick and easy to switch and save

You don’t have to set aside hours to review and compare policies. Simply fill out our online form to see your options side by side.

Don’t get bamboozled by your health insurance. Getting a better deal is simple, so click below and start saving money today.

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*Average savings based off 25,311 customers during 2020

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Private Health Insurance, October 2020
*Based on 20,400 customers in 2019.

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