Breaking: Health insurance premiums may rise dramatically in 2020 after government deal fails to deliver savings


At 3.25%, 2019 saw the lowest health insurance premium increase in almost two decades. This lower premium increase was based on a deal Health Minister Greg Hunt negotiated with the Medical Technology Association of Australia that was supposed to lower the costs of devices on the Prostheses List.

Despite the government’s best efforts, the costs of these devices increased by 8.6%, now Mr. Hunt’s ambitious goal of limiting health insurance premiums to 3% is looking more and more unlikely. This makes it increasingly likely that Aussies may be facing a premium increase in 2020 that’s more than double the price of inflation.

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A spokesman for Mr. Hunt said the government is working towards a solution to keep costs down, saying they continue to “work with the sector on the next wave of positive reforms”.

However, with last year’s deal falling short, the government’s boast of making health cover more affordable has been short-lived. Aussies were paying a record $83.77 out of pocket for specialist treatment in 2018-2019. The fallout from this most recent deal increases the potential for these costs to climb even more.

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