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Are high health premiums making you sick? Here’s how to save

Australians are in for a another debilitating flu season, but sacrificing health cover isn't an option...

Flu season is upon us again and Aussies are in for a rough few months with their healthcare. According to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman, fewer Australians are taking up private health insurance than ever before. Statistics show that the industry’s growth rate fell from 3.7 percent to 1.35 percent over a recent four-year period, sparking concerns for the future of health in Australia.

Unfortunately, many Australians make the mistake of sacrificing valuable health cover without realising they will have to go without adequate insurance when they need it most. Private cover can still be affordable, but only if you’re prepared to shop around.

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Luckily for today’s consumers, shopping around for health cover is easier now than it used to be because of Everything can be done securely online or over the phone, so saving money on your health cover becomes hassle-free.

It’s understandable that Aussies are fed up with health cover, especially because the price of insurance is going up at a rate much higher than inflation. Some look to cut costs by downgrading their insurance to the most basic level or even cutting it altogether, which can be a risky maneuver.

When push comes to shove, it can seem logical to eliminate health insurance; after all, if you’re only paying for peace of mind then aren’t you paying for something you may never use? Of course, you’re not just purchasing peace of mind when you have private cover.

The fact is that most Australians will need healthcare at some point in their lives, no matter how healthy they are. Without health insurance, you may be faced with the very real dilemma of trying to figure out how to pay for an emergency ambulance transfer out of pocket, or long waiting periods for an urgent procedure.

Comparing policies is a simple way to find a better price, maintain the level of cover you want, and avoid tax penalties. Expert advisors are available over the phone to talk you through your options and help you make the switch to a new policy.

Remember that loyalty to your insurer doesn’t necessarily mean a lower price. Your big-name insurer may be charging you more than a smaller company that can offer you a cheaper price on equal coverage. If you’ve been with your insurer for a long time, there’s a good chance that you could be paying too much.

Save time and money by shopping around for health cover with You might be surprised at how easy it is!

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