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5 tips for smarter savings on health cover

5 stress-free ways to save on your health premium

It’s no secret that worrying about money can make you stressed, but could your rising health insurance premium actually be making you sick? Stress can trigger physical and mental health problems, and money—or lack of it—routinely appears at the top of the list of things Australians worry about.

With the recent 4.84% average health insurance premium increase on 1 April, many families are struggling to fit private cover into the household budget. Of course, dropping private health insurance unleashes a new wave of concerns: what happens if someone gets sick and you need that insurance? What if you need IVF treatment? Or unexpected surgery?

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It’s easy to see how money and health can get caught in an endless cycle, because unfortunately the two are very closely linked. The good news is that there are ways you can lower your health cover costs, giving you peace of mind without busting your budget. Here are five tips for lowering your healthcare costs that you can do right now.

  1. Get expert advice (without paying expert prices)Not sure what kind of health cover suits you the best? No problem. Talk to a health cover consultant at for unbiased advice on the plans available to you. It’s stress-free and doesn’t cost a cent.
  2. Don’t pay for services you don’t needDone having kids? Look for a policy that doesn’t include pregnancy. Not interested in massage therapy? Get rid of it. Often people don’t know what is and is not included in their policy, which can lead to overpaying.
  3. Compare policies the easy wayDon’t put switching insurers in the too-hard basket. When you compare and switch with you don’t have to worry about piles of paperwork or deciphering legal mumbo-jumbo. Compare online for the lowest price, have a quick chat with an advisor over the phone, and they’ll sort out the rest.
  4. Act fast for the biggest savingsIf you’ve ever dealt with a problem by ignoring it, you’re not alone. It’s very common for people to push money woes out of their minds, but that just means you end up paying more. Stop putting it off—comparing health cover is easier than you think (see #3) and you won’t have to re-sit any waiting periods already served for equal or lesser hospital cover.
  5. Claim your rebatesHealth cover is such an important purchase that the government even offers rebates for it. If you’re eligible for a rebate it can either be applied at the time of purchase or when you lodge your annual tax return.

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