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5 reasons you shouldn’t cancel your private health cover in 2017

Online service helps Aussies cut costs on valuable private health cover.

Australians are tired of paying too much for health cover and are looking for ways to save. It may seem that the solution is to cancel private health cover altogether, but this could be a move you’ll regret.

Eliminating your private cover is a drastic measure, especially because it offers so many benefits. Here are five reasons to keep private health cover in the new year.

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  1. It’s easy to find more affordable health cover. You can stay covered and still keep your new year’s resolution to save money. offers a free online service allowing you to quickly compare a range of policies to find the best price. You can make an informed decision about your cover, and a health care expert will get you set up with a new money saving policy. It’s a win-win.
  2. Health insurance covers more non-emergency services than Medicare. With private cover you are usually covered for visiting a chiro, physio, optometrist, and psychologist, as well as most dental services. You can also be covered for major surgeries and non-emergency transplants. Medicare typically does not cover these services.
  3. Private cover gives you more agency over your health. With private insurance you have an increased choice of doctors, hospitals, and treatment dates. If you’ve ever had to wait weeks for a letter from a public hospital informing you of your treatment date, you know how inconvenient the process can be. With private cover, you take control of your schedule again.
  4. You can avoid surcharges with hospital cover. When your income as an individual or family exceeds a certain level, you may become eligible for the Medicare levy surcharge. Not having private cover can actually cost you, though you won’t reap any additional benefits.
  5. You could receive rebates on your premiums. Some Australians are eligible for rebates of 8%-34% on their private health premiums. This rebate is based on your coverage history, age, and income. If you’ve already compared quotes to find the best deal on a policy, rebates could lead to extra savings.

If you’re fed up with paying high prices for your health care, make this the year you find a better deal on your coverage. Visit today to find out how you can stop overpaying on your health insurance.

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