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Will health insurance cover my gym membership?


Key Points Many Australians don’t know that some health insurance policies can save you up to several hundred dollars a year on your gym membership. Discounts, rebates and even additional health and lifestyle benefits are on offer. These benefits are normally only...

Does health insurance cover laser eye surgery?


Key Points Some health funds provide partial or total coverage for laser eye surgery with their comprehensive policies There are waiting periods to receive laser eye surgery Most health funds don’t cover the whole cost of the procedure, leaving you with the...

Top 10 Health Funds In Australia [2019]


Choosing the right health cover provider out of the many top health funds in Australia can seem like a daunting task. It is also a very personal one, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution—the best provider for you is dependent on many...

30 Foods to eat for optimal health


No one’s discounting the accuracy of modern medicine, of course, but sometimes you can help treat (or at least, help along) common health issues with staples found in your kitchen! Here are 30 go-to goodies to boost your health! ________ GENERAL HEALTH...

Do I need health insurance? Australian health cover buying guide


Do I need health insurance? It’s a fair question. Medicare covers a range of healthcare services for Australian citizens, reducing out-of-pocket costs and making medically necessary health care much more affordable. But when you consider the ‘Gap’, along with taxes like the...

Health insurance benefits for rural and remote Australians


According to the National Rural Health Alliance Inc., the health status of Australians living in remote areas is worse than those living in the city on almost every health indicator. A greater proportion of remote Australians engage in risky behaviour such as...

How does health insurance affect my tax return?


Key Points You may be able to get a portion of your health insurance premiums back in your tax return or even get the amount discounted from your monthly or annual premiums. How much you get back depends on various factors like...

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