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Which health insurance companies are non-profit?


Key Points Not-for-profit health insurers reinvest their extra revenue towards members, usually in the form of lower premiums or more benefits. Of the 38 health funds in Australia, 24 are listed as not-for-profit. Nonprofit funds promote higher member retention and giving more...

Health Insurance in Tasmania


Key Points Private health insurance in Tasmania offers hospital cover, extras cover, and ambulance cover. However, ambulance services are generally provided free of charge by the state. General trends in Tasmania show that older people in their 70s are starting to get...

Private Health Insurance for Reconstructive Surgery


Key Points Reconstructive surgery relates to non-elective plastic surgery that improves the life of those with congenital and developed abnormalities. Most health funds offer a policy or policies that covers reconstructive surgery. Always stay up to date on the inclusions and exclusions...

Health Insurance in the Northern Territory


If you live in Australia’s Northern Territory, much of your home state is considered remote or very remote. While public healthcare services are provided by the government through Medicare, they may not be readily accessible from your location. If you live outside...

A Guide to Health Insurance in South Australia


Key Points Recent APRA statistics show that 44.7% of the South Australian population has private hospital cover, and 59.1% has extras cover. There are three main types of cover available in South Australia: hospital cover, extras cover, and ambulance cover. The health...

Does health insurance cover braces?


Key Points There are different types of braces, but they usually range in cost from $5,000 to $9,000. Medicare does not cover braces, but health insurance can provide benefits that can reduce out of pocket costs. Most funds impose a 12-month waiting...

10 Signs something is wrong with your thyroid


Approximately one in 20 people will experience a problem with their thyroid at some point during their life. Furthermore, women are ten times more likely to be affected by a thyroid disorder than men. Could you be living with a thyroid condition,...

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