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The New Order: How To Save on Private Health Cover in 2019


For the majority of Australians, health insurance is an essential purchase. But in 2019 it’s one that is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Year on year, as prices increase, the new order of value-for-money health insurers is decided, and loyal customers get left behind....

Simple Ways You Can Save With Your Seniors Card


Getting older is something to celebrate, and as a senior in Australia, there are important concessions that become available to you as you age. Sometimes, these added benefits can be worth their weight in gold. Here’s How You Do It: Step 1:...

Restricted health funds vs open: What’s the difference?


Key Points Restricted health funds are only open to members of a specific group or industry. In many cases, family members are also eligible to join. You are usually able to stay in a restricted fund even if your situation changes; for...

2019 Health Reforms: What changes can we expect?


Key Points The 2019 private health insurance reforms will continue to be rolled out over the year, with many significant reforms taking effect on 1 April 2019. Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold product tiers will be introduced on all hospital policies, making...

2019 Health Reforms: Gold Health Insurance Policies


Key Points Health insurance reforms set to go into effect on 1 April 2019 will change the way health funds present their hospital policies, placing them into the tier system. These tiers are Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Basic – Gold being the...

2019 Health Reforms: Silver health insurance policies


Key Points On 1 April 2019, a new system of four main product tiers will be introduced for hospital cover policies. There are four tiers in total: Gold, silver, bronze and basic. Silver health insurance will offer benefits for categories including heart,...

2019 Health Reforms: Bronze health insurance policies


On 1 April 2019 a new product tier system will be introduced for hospital cover. This will make policies easier to compare by standardising the minimum requirements for each level of cover. Ahead, we’ll cover the Bronze tier and what you can...

2019 Health Reforms: Basic health insurance policies


Key Points One of the major components of the 2019 health insurance reforms will be introduced on 1 April 2019: product tiers for hospital cover. The new system breaks policies into tiers with minimum requirements, making comparison easier. Basic health insurance is...

Under 30? Your guide to the youth health cover discount


Key Points From 1 April 2019, health funds can begin offering discounts of up to 10% for Australians aged 18 through 29. These youth discounts only apply to the base premiums for hospital cover. These discounts can remain in place until the...

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