Archive for: November 2018

5 Common Health Mistakes You’re Probably Making


In this age of information, we’re constantly surrounded by dangerously incorrect claims about what’s good for our health and what isn’t. Some have been repeated through the ages and taken as fact, while newfangled ideas have been gaining traction on the Internet....

Type 2 Diabetes: Understanding this Growing Epidemic in Australia


If you suffer from high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels or excess weight around the waist, know that you’re not alone. These health issues are relatively common among Australians, and are often comorbid with obesity – a condition that affects nearly 30%...

Medicare Announces Coverage Changes for Plastic Surgery


About a month ago, Medicare announced that they are changing the way they cover plastic surgery. They made significant criteria changes to certain procedures, and completely eliminated others from coverage. The changes went into effect November 1, and those having surgery after...

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