Archive for: October 2018

5 Healthy Pizza Recipes the Whole Family Will Love


Pizza is a perennial crowd-pleaser, but it isn’t exactly high on the list of healthy foods. Although a traditional pizza might be heavy on the cheese and low on nutrients, it doesn’t mean you have to give it up.   Making Pizza...

What Makes A Child Ready For School? Signs to Watch For


What makes a child ready for school? In most states children must be enrolled in year 1 in the year they turn six. But this also means that children are entering kindergarten around age five, and preschool at four. Parents know better...

Gaming Addiction in Children: Should You Be Concerned?


When an innocent game that was once ‘a bit of fun’ now dictates your child’s sleeping habits, eating patterns and grades at school, you know that something’s wrong. Gaming addiction is very real—and it’s on the rise. If your child is waking...

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