Archive for: May 2018

Your Guide to Hospital Cover in Australia


Medicare is fantastic for those who can’t afford or do not choose to purchase private health cover. In saying this, purchasing hospital cover may be beneficial for you or your family. Hospital cover comes with several medical and financial benefits that you...

The Skinny on Weight Loss Shakes


Trying to lose weight can be complicated. It’s hard to know which new diet craze will give the best results. Cambridge? Paleo? Or, which exercise routine mania will blast away fat the fastest? Clubbercise, anyone? How about weight loss shakes? It’s easy...

How to Maintain Private Health Insurance After Losing A Job


The professional landscape is always changing, and nobody’s job is truly safe. Companies crash out of nowhere which forces layoffs, and you might find yourself on the chopping block. If you’re worried about losing your job or have recently fallen victim to...

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