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What Does Optical Health Insurance Cover?


Optical health insurance to cover glasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery is typically included in Extras cover and not in Hospital cover. This is because not everyone will use these products in their lifetime, while others will use them frequently. What does extras...

2018 Private Health Insurance Rate Rise


The 2018 Health Insurance Rate Rise is just around the corner and it has just been announced that premiums are going to increase by an average 3.95%; this is what you should know. Each year on the 1st of April, health funds...

Health Insurance for Families


Raising children is expensive enough without adding high medical costs on top, which is why most Australian families have private family health insurance. As a parent you want to protect your children so they can grow up to be healthy and happy,...

Health Insurance For Seniors


It’s no secret that our health starts to decline as we age. We start getting aches, pains, and sometimes severe conditions that need medical attention. For seniors who regularly require healthcare treatment, private health insurance may be the only practical option. Medicare...

Open Season For Private Health Cover Savings


Almost everyone with private health insurance knows it by now, premiums jumped up an average of 3.95% on April 1st. Your fund will have told you that despite that being almost double the rate of inflation, it’s the lowest hike in 15...

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