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Will Health Insurance Help With Alcohol Addiction Rehab?


Many people like to drink alcohol but for some, it can lead to addiction. Over time, a tolerance for alcohol can develop. This means that more alcohol needs to be drunk to get the same effects. Alcohol addiction can lead to problems...

After-Hours GP Care: How Health Insurance Can Help


Getting sick can happen at any time, not just during business hours. So what should you do when you or a family member is ill and your doctor’s office is closed? Resist the temptation to turn to Dr. Google, because there are...

Will Private Health Insurance Cover My Cosmetic Surgery?


Thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery? You may be wondering whether you’ll receive any assistance from your health insurance provider. This depends on your insurance policy (or plan), and the purpose for your surgery. Your answer will largely depend on whether you are...

What Happens to My Private Health Insurance if I Lose My Job?


Private health insurance is recommended for a number of reasons, but it can become an expensive luxury if you suddenly lose your job and have much less disposable cash to play with. There is some good news though – rather than automatically...

Low Income Health Care Card: How to Qualify and Make a Claim


Key Points The Low Income Health Care Card helps people with lower incomes pay for a range of health-related costs. To qualify for the Low Income Health Care Card, applicants must meet specific income and residency requirements. After receiving the card, recipients...

Compare Health Insurance for Drug Addiction Treatment


Drug addiction can occur in any family, from any background. As awareness about the nature of drug addiction and its treatment options grows, so does the number of people seeking treatment. In Australia alone, the number of people seeking treatment for drug...

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