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Medicare Levy Surcharge Calculator

Medicare Levy Surcharge Calculator The Medicare Levy surcharge is an additional fee paid on top of the 2% Medicare Levy Surcharge that most Australian taxpayers pay. You can avoid the surcharge if you have Private Health Insurance (Hospital Cover). The exact surcharge...

New Service Helps Australians Combat Rising Health Premiums


Health insurers are petitioning the Federal Government for permission to pass inflation costs to policyholders, which could lead to another rise in premiums. For Aussie families on a tight budget this is troublesome news, as they’ll be asked to find hundreds of...

Are You Paying the Lazy Tax on Your Health Insurance?


Collectively, Australians are paying an estimated $11.6 billion* lazy tax each year simply because we’re not shopping around for a better deal. Research shows that although half of Aussies intend to compare service providers, less than a quarter of us actually do....

Victorians Paying Highest Health Insurance Premiums In Australia


Victorians are paying the highest prices for health insurance, according to a new report.* Across 11 different policy types, average prices in Victoria were consistently higher than the rest of Australia. This fluctuation in cost can be attributed to a number of...

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