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Jonathan November 8th, 2010 0 comments

MBF is a private health insurance fund that has served Australians for over six decades. Following its merger with the Australian arm of Bupa in 2008, the fund became the largest private health insurance group in Australia. Nation-wide, the fund caters to almost 20% of the health insurance market share.

Australians who have purchased a private health policy from MBF number approximately 1.7 million, all of whom trust that MBF can help them lead longer and happier lives thanks to better health. The fund provides a wide selection of health insurance products for Australians of all ages and relies on a country-wide network of member centres to cater to subscribers.

MBF is the first private health fund in the country to establish a one-stop customer service centre, touted as the first of its kind. The MBF centre also conducts activities aimed at improving the wellbeing of its subscribers.

The fund provides health insurance to members via MBF Australia and MBF Alliances, its two registered health benefits organisations, as well as travel insurance and access to products for life insurance.